Mother Baby cheese cake recipe

P. O. Box 5255
Jerusalem 91050

phone +972-2-625-0172
fax +972-2-625-9374

Rabbi Gavriel Pappenheim

Cheif of Administration:
Rabbi Aharon Heilbrun

Mother & Baby Convalescent Home
in Telzstone, Israel

Located just twenty minutes form the heart of Jerusalem, in scenic Telzstone, the Mother & Baby Home provides women with a warm setting to recuperate from childbirth and bond with their newborn. We know that through giving women, especially women–at–risk, a chance to strengthen themselves after childbirth, we are lowering the rate of postnatal depression and strengthening the Jewish family.

Our Home has room for 120 mothers and, taking multiple births into consideration, nearly 150 babies. An average of 10,000 mothers and 10,400 babies take advantage of our service annually.